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The following series of 8 messages explain Jesus Way of Love through His life and teachings. They cover not only our love for God, but for one another and even our enemies. And when we love we forgive those that hurt us, even as Jesus forgives us.

Jesus places emphasis on ‘loving our neighbour’ –someone in need – as an acid test to our really loving God.

God’s love Our Love for God
Loving One Another Loving One Another Part 2
Forgiving Love love your neighbor
Jesus way – The Way of Love Love your enemy

Abiding In Jesus

For many, knowing Jesus is some detached head knowledge that does not really touch heart or transform life. In this series of 6 messages I share something very precious about loving and knowing Jesus. In my personal studies and meditation-especially John 15,  I gained insights transformed my life. I share them here with you with a prayer the Holy Spirit will also touch to change you.

Abiding in Jesus – In His LoveAbiding In Jesus

Abiding in Jesus – Intimacy with Christ Abiding in Jesus – Chosen Vessels
Abiding in Jesus – A Clean Vessel Abiding in Jesus – The Hard Place


In the following series of 11 messages, I share the teaching of Jesus on Prayer, in response to the disciples asking Him to teach them to pray.  May we also feel this need and ask our Lord to teach us and give us more understanding of what prayer really is-it is our heart communing with Jesus’ heart.

Prayer What is Prayer
What is Prayer – Lord teach us to Pray What is Prayer – Hindrances to Prayer
What is Prayer – True Worship What is Prayer – Intercessory Prayer
What is Prayer – A Prayer Shield Praying for Christian Pastors and Leaders
Prayer of Jabez Privilege Of Abiding in Jesus Christ
Secret of Knowing- How to Abide in Christ

Christ’s Message to the Seven Churches

These 12 messages of the Glorious Risen Christ in Rev. chapters 1 to 3, were spoken to John the apostle imprisoned in the Island of Patmos for preaching the gospel. Though the messages were originally spoken to 7 real Churches in Asia Minor, the truths revealed there are true of our churches today. There are many lessons we can learn also.

Only the persecuted Church in Smyrna and the mission-minded Church in Philadelphia, were not condemned. All other five churches, stand condemned for sins that have taken them away from Jesus and His love.  In fact the last Church at Laodecia is full of activities and deceived they are doing very well, but Christ’s frightening message to them is ‘I  never knew thee. Depart from Me ye evil doers!!’ Christ’s messages contain a warning that unless we repent we will be condemned on the Judgement Day. At the last, in the 12th  message we see a glimpse of God in majesty and glory seated on His Throne with the continuous worship of all those living creatures.

Christ’s message to the 7 Churches in Revelation 2nd Message – Message of Revelation – Challenge to Us Today.
3rd Message.– Vision of the Glorious Risen Christ 4th msg. – Church at Ephesus – Forsaken First Love.
5th Message. – Church at Smyrna – A Suffering Church. 6th Msg. – Church at Pergamum – A Corrupted Church.
7th Message – Church at Thyatira – A Compromised Church 8th Msg. – Church at Sardis – A Dead Church
9th Message – Church at Philadelphia – A Missionary Church 10th Message – Church at Laodicea – A Lukewarm Church
11th Message – Truths & Lessons 12th Message – The Vision of The Throne in Heaven.

Building Strong Families</h2>
Today is a day of broken marriages and broken families. For at least four decades I have been deeply burdened that families may be built up and be strong.  Instead of being sucked into the world’s values and standards we need to absorb and obey God’s laws of love and forgiveness which build families.  I have spoken extensively and written three books on this subject. They are published and available at OM Books.

In this series of 18 messages, we look at God’s design for the couple at Creation. Then move through scripture to wean out principles and commands to couples, to husbands and wives.  I have tried to keep these practical by looking at real life situations and openly sharing my failures and hard lessons I learned to help us build a beautiful marriage of loving and caring for one another for the 56 years we are married. Praise God.

No matter how broken, God can transform your marriage too –if you will only let Him and bring joy and fulfilment to your own life and spill over to others around you.

Msg.1 – Present Trends Msg. 2 – Basic Truth.
Msg. 3 – God’s Design For Marriage. Msg. 4 – God’s Purpose for Marriage.
Msg – 5 – Satan Opposes God’s Purposes. Msg. 6 – Five Threats to Oneness
Msg .7 – God’s Power for Oneness Msg.8 – Real Life Situations.
Msg. 9 – Becoming One Flesh. 10th Msg – Couple’s Responsibility for Oneness
11th Msg. – Biblical Concept of Head / Helper. 12th Msg. – Wife’s Responsibilities
13th Msg. – Husband’s Responsibility 14th Msg. – Forgiving One Another.
15th Msg.- Where is Your Focus 16th Msg . – Lessons for Life
17th Msg – Lessons For Life. Ctd. 18th Msg. – God is at Work in Us.

Effective Communication

I believe one of the biggest block in any relationship, especially marriage where you live together, is miscommunication.  So in the following series of 11 messages, I’ve tried to explain what communication is, the barriers and  tips on how to overcome them.  How do you handle anger before it bursts? Even small irritation that build up barriers, how do you avoid them?. Conflict  separates and causes deep hurt and heartbreak. I have dealt how you can resolve conflict and be reconciled to a happy relationship again.

1st Msg – What is Communication. 2nd Msg. – Five Levels of Communication
3rd Msg. – Listening to Understand 4th Msg. – Conflict Resolution
5th Msg. – Stages of Conflict 6th Msg. – Handling Anger
7th Msg. – Handling Irritations 8th Msg – Roots of Conflict
9th Msg. – Effective Communication 10th Msg. – Power of Words
11th Msg. – Do You Love Me

Shaping Lives for Tomorrow

This series of 12 messages  deals with the important and  urgent topic of Parenting. This is indeed a very challenging responsibility. As parents we are moulding next generation.  God holds us accountable for what we have done with the children He has committed into our hands! In today’s world of incessant work, workplace demands,  and care needed teaching and training of the young child is disregarded. As a result we have youth compromised to the world and making a shipwreck of their lives. They seek pleasure in habits that erode their values and destroy them.

I have made mistakes in bringing up my two children.  But I have learned bitter lessons, repented, apologised to them and started again to help them build up their spiritual and emotional health. Praise God with God’s presence they have grown to be godly parents themselves serving God and a blessing to many.

Don’t delay , but turn to God and ask His guidance.  I have also given tips and ways you can change.  As you follow Bible principles you too can make a new start to a happier, healthier journey together.

God bless you.

Msg. 1 – Youth in Today’s context Msg. 2 – Made in God’s Image
Msg. 3 – Discipline Vs Punishment Msg. 4 – Building A Firm Foundation
Msg. 5 – Communicating Our Faith Msg.- 6 – Communicating Our Values
Msg. 7 – Understanding Our Children Msg. 8 – Emotional Health
Msg. 9 – Goal of Christian Parent Msg.10 – Children – Are They People or Things.
Msg.- 11 – An Awesome Responsibility. Msg.-12 – What are You Spilling Over