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Mary Magdalene – Easter Joy

As Easter approaches it becomes for us a season of hustle and bustle as we run around dishing out varieties of food, new clothes, and a hundred and one things that need to get done – not omitting the apparent temporary ‘joy’ of hearing or singing in choirs lifting up in glorious crescendos the might and majesty of the inexpressible splendor of our beloved risen Saviour! Somehow all our ‘festivals’ cause us to be hurried and stressed out, don’t they? We become ‘surface-copers’ just drifting along the ups and downs of life. Festivals add some color to our otherwise lusterless lives.

Is this what Jesus desires for us? Rather, should not the words ‘I have seen the Lord’ be upon our lips and hearts every moment of our life? It is the incredible joy that wells within us because Jesus is alive – and wonder of wonders – He lives in me!

Let us look at Mary – In John 21 : 16 we read that the disciples went back to their homes – devastated and disappointed. Their hopes and faith in Jesus was just shattered and they missed out on seeing Jesus! But ‘Mary stood outside the tomb crying.’

When in despair, when we look to Jesus alone, and continue to seek the comfort and answer from Jesus, He never ever fails to touch us with the joy of His living presence – anytime , anywhere. Isn’t that what happened to Mary? Yes, she was the first person to see the risen Lord and became the first evangelist with the message of the risen Saviour to the disciples.

What a privilege that He comes to the lowly, the lonely, the weeping ones! But because of our tears clouding our eyes, though He is right there beside us, we don’t see Him. But He is patient. He is concerned: “Why are you crying?” She still did not recognize Him. Then how wonderful that He called her by her name, “Mary!” Ah! She whirled around and recognized Him. It was Jesus Himself standing there.

As the hymn writer, Clara T. Williams, boldly proclaimed, “Hallelujah I have found Him who my soul so long has craved.” Yes, Our search for meaning, for purpose, for forgiveness, for hope, for peace, and for life itself is over because we have found our Savior, our Redeemer, our Healer, our King, our Friend.

We are not looking for Jesus, because He is not lost. He has not gone away. He is not hiding from us.

We are not looking for Jesus, because He is with us, He is in us to transform our lives continuously, constantly – not just now and then.

Yes, I have indeed ‘seen the Lord’ and my life is never the same old drudge anymore! Each one of our lives can also be so gloriously transformed – no matter what our circumstances may be, no matter what our struggles and suffering are. We are meant to soar and rise high above as on eagles wings – close to the heart of God. This is the message that our never-changing Jesus bring us at Easter! We do not have to strive laboriously to ‘adapt’ to whatever is our lot, but we learn to rejoice in them and rise above them.

Let us see every moment of our lives now – both the difficult and the joyful – as a moment to be embraced. Because we know that God is in the middle of all of them. He is in the center of my storms and my blessings. He sees it all with eyes that know and understand and foresee the purpose of my situation. And I want what He wants.

Let us surrender and simply trust that whatever is in front of us at any given moment, He is in the center of it.

At this Easter, may you and I also exultantly exclaim: ‘I have seen the Lord’, as we spend time with His Word and meet Him in the intimacy of prayer. Yes, He meets us afresh and lifts us up with His all sufficient grace and fills us with His Holy spirit!

Hear His gentle voice calling you again: ‘Come to Me with empty hands and an open heart,’ ready to receive abundant blessings. He knows the depth and breadth of your neediness. Perhaps your life-path has been difficult, draining you of strength. But, Jesus invites you to come to Him for nurture.

Let Him fill you with His Presence. “I in you, and you in Me”. His Power flows most freely into weak ones aware of their need for Him. Faltering steps of dependence are not lack of faith; they are links to His Presence and His Power to ‘soar on eagles wings’ (Is. 40:31) free and strong through the storms of life!

Juliet Thomas 

Thara Wholistic Development of Women

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