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What Did We Do Wrong

Parents bewailed about their 18 year old son, “He’s Gone! Gone off with some girl! Took his guitar and the car we bought him. Quit school and headed out-we don’t know where? Where did we go wrong? It must be our fault!” What did they do wrong? These parents are sure they must be to blame. And the heavy ache …

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Overcoming Bad Habits

Someone said that the best way to break a bad habit is to drop it. If we don’t break that bad habit or addiction – It will have a way of breaking us! So how do we break that bad habit and/or a self-defeating addiction? Admit… …that we have a problem and that it has us beaten. The only person …

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Dear Newly Weds

I want to remind you of the vows you made to one another on your wedding day – “to love and cherish one another, till death does you apart.” This, you promised you will do, as you take each other “for better or for worse.” These vows made before God and His people cannot be taken lightly – or broken …

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Behavioural Signs Of Substance Abuse


Danger Signs Of Potential Substance Abuse Using prescription medication to excess, with alcohol, or in ways other than prescribed. Inhaling fumes for the “high”. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress, physical pain, or emotional pain that is not dealt with. Overly strong desire by a teenager to fit in with a peer group. Using the substance secretly. Craving the effects of the …

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