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5 Easy Tips for Career Women

Are you a career woman trying to juggle home, work, kids’ education and your social life all at once? I empathise. I know exactly what you are going through. Since everybody could use a little help here are some tried and tested tips to make your days easier and you life a bit more easy.


Old socks make excellent holders for napthalene balls. Napthalene balls help to keep cockroaches away but they are also a medical emergency waiting to happen. You need to take extra precautions if you have a curious toddler running around your home.

Find pairs of old thick socks.
Fill them with napthalene balls.
Tie the mouth tightly.;

Place them strategically out of reach of children in your home. The smell of naphthalene will permeate out but even if your child gets hold of the sock ball, he or she cannot swallow naphthalene balls.


You have a dishwasher and have run out of the rinse-aid? A simple solution is at hand. Pour synthetic white vinegar into the rinse-aid compartment. It works just as well.


Dropped egg on the kitchen counter or the floor? Wipe it off with a wet cloth. Pour white vinegar on the spot, let it stand for five minutes and wipe the area. It will not stink of egg-white thereafter.

Shefali Sabharanjak is a biologist-turned-writer, work-at-home mom and a foodie. Clear and precise communication is her forte.



Pick a two sided plate holder that looks like two ‘L’s hinged along the long side. You get elegant ones in wood, plastic or mild steel. Get it bolted on your kitchen cabinet. It will hold your recipe book at eye level and make it easy for you to check a recipe while cooking.


It’s the weekend and you plan on entertaining friends. However, you have not had sufficient time to plan and cook an elaborate meal. If this is what happens to you frequently, there’s a way to get around it. Make a list of five quick snacks and keep it tacked on your fridge. Ensure that one or two ingredients from each snack can be bought from a store and get your hubby to buy them. Include one item that the kids can help prepare without too much fuss.

A slab or two of exotic cheese: Slice the slabs into bite-sized pieces. Cheese is  an excellent snack to go with most drinks. Cheeses are created under specific conditions and some are made with specific microbes to develop various intersting flavours. Use that to your advantage.
Chip and dip combo: Keep a couple of recipes to make dips handy. Alternatively, go get a jar of salsa. Salsa / dips go well with breadsticks, chips or snacks like kurkure. You can pick these off the shelf, arrange them on a nice platter and there you have it!
Kiddie snacks like cheese and olive slices on a Krackjack biscuit or even cheese-cherry- pineapple on toothpicks: Kids love to help you make them and of course, eat them.
Seekh Kababs: Most reputed brands like Venky’s have pre-made seekh kababs in frozen form. Pop them into a pan and saute them in a teaspoon or two of oil. Dice the long seekh rolls into bite-sized pieces. I know, I sound like a McCain advertisement … BUT… seekh rolls are not coated with breadcrumbs and are nice snack, full of protein.

You get the idea. You can add to the list, mix-and-match items on your list and have various combinations of finger foods for every party you host.

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