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Household Wisdom

For the best clever cleaning tips, look no further. Here’s a list of simple ways in which you keen keep your laundry, kitchen and bathroom in perfect shape


Stubborn Stainslaundry

For oil or grease stains in clothes, use a full strength detergent with a little lemon juice added for about 15 minutes. Then wash as usual. Not recommended for delicate fabrics, unless using a detergent like Genteel.

For ball point pen ink on your clothes, try a sponge soaked with milk. Rub on the spot. Sometimes it may take a couple of tries.

Hydrogen Peroxide gets out fresh blood stains quickly and economically.

Fresh & Easy

To freshen clothes and get rid of under arm odor, put ½ a box of baking soda in the wash. It’s simple, cheap, and doesn’t hurt the environment.

Quick Presspress

Want to wear that blouse, you thought you ironed? Save time and frustration by bringing wrinkled items into the bathroom with you when you shower and hang on towel rack or shower curtain where the water won’t hit it. When you take your morning shower, the humidity and steam created by your shower will steam out wrinkles including your cotton and silk items. When you are through showering, leave the item in the bathroom and close the door. The heat will continue to  steam out wrinkles while you continue to get ready for work.


Quick Wash bathroom

After you flush the toilet, sprinkle ¼ cup of baking soda into the wet bowl. Take your shower and then give the bowl a single scrub. Flush to rinse.

Unblock Drains

To clean clogged drains, use ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup white vinegar – it foams up and unclogs the drain.

Sparkling Showers

It’s amazing how well just regular vinegar will dissolve lime deposits, on shower heads, health faucets, taps etc.

Keep Away

Keep all medications out of the bathroom because of the humidity.

Glistening Glass

Newspaper is a great glass surface cleaner. For an unbeatable shine use newspaper and turpentine. There is no shine like turpentine.


Peel Off

To peel ripe tomatoes just drop them in a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes. Take them out of the pan and drop into a dish of ice-cold water for another 5 minutes. When you take them out you will notice that most of the tomatoes have split skin. Peel with a paring knife and separate the skins from the fruit with ease. tomatoe

De-skinned tomatoes can be used for making pasta and pizza sauce.

Moist Cake

Use half a grated apple while baking a banana or carrot cake (this can be added in addition to the proportions mentioned in the recipe). This gives the cake a moist crumb and subtle flavour that pairs very well with tea or coffee.

Clean Dream

To clean the inside of your microwave put a damp dish towel/rag in the microwave (don’t wring it out completely) and put your microwave on high for 45 seconds. You will be happily suprised. It simply wipes clean.

Recycled Rags

Save worn out socks and cut up old t-shirts for cleaning-rags. Toss out when dirty. Saves on paper towels and washing rags.

Easy Boil egg

When boiling eggs put a little vinegar in the water and eggs won’t crack.

Keep Dry

Put a dry paper towel in a zip lock bag with your leftover shredded lettuce/spinach. The greens will last a few more days without turning brown.

Lemony Freshness

Add a little lemon juice to dish water, it smells good and best of all cuts grease.

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