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Making a Difference

Thara Wholsitic Development of Women thara

T—Transformation H—Healing A—Awareness Building R—Reconciliation A—Advocacy
THARA is a registered Charitable Trust which is led by Juliet Thomas and her Team who are committed to the wholistic development of women and their influence in their communities.

THARA in the North East 2006-2010

Vegetable vendorWe have taken on more than 200 Projects, successfully.
Most of the Projects are currently financially independent.


Initiated 1st Community College


The Domestic Help Project, Fishery, Weaving


Developed more than 200 EDPs

Initiated the only HIV Women’s Centre in Imphal
Encouraged and equipped HiV widows and women addicted to brewing and selling illicit liquor delivered through providing alternate livelihood
Set up value-based workshops for Underground leaders’ wives

“We don’t do different things, we do them differently”
“When you teach a man, you teach an individual; but when you teach a woman, the whole community moves” —Gandhiji

THARA—In Bangalore Slums  2011-2013 slum

Literacy class

After the Course, women not only help their children but also are able to read the sign board and board on bus wherever they go.   They no longer use thumbs for  Literacy classsignature but write and sign. “Life is much better” they say.

Nutrition Camp

To teach women to prepare daily food in healthier ways. They learned to make seasonal fruits juice, jam, jelly, pickle and preserve for long time.


Tailoring Centre

We have 21 young Muslim girls from 15-19 years, mainly school drop-outs who were staying at home. We have about 34 young girls, mainly from other faiths, learning Tailoring & embroidery. We bought a few more sewing machines.

Once the course is completed, the girls would be able to get jobs in garment factories.

They happily say, “We were customers. Now we ourselves are the tailors.” And they earn well too! Tailoring Centre

Computer Basics CourseComputer Basics Course

It’s a six-month course for drop-out students and housewives. This gives them better  job opportunities.

Literacy Class We started a Kannada Literacy class  at Sait Palya. A batch of 25 students are finishing our first 6-month course. Those who pass the exam will receive the Thara Certificate. Literacy Class

For further enquiries, contact thara1133@gmail.com

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