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Losing Weight While At Work


With a few changes in your lifestyle and food habits, you can turn your workplace into a work-out place. A Fitness Trainer, Instructor and Enthusiast tells you how.

More and more Indians are becoming fat at work. Corporate jobs hardly require any moderate to intense physical activity. Employees spend most of their working time sitting at their desks. High stress levels, irregular eating timings and unhealthy snacking habits compound the problem. But there is a way out! The principles of losing weight are simple – eat right and move more. When these two mantras are applied to the workplace in creative ways, weight loss can be achieved.

Move forward & keep fit

  • Enlist the support of a friend at work and set small, measurable goals for yourself. Talk about your goal with your office folks. It will keep you accountable.
  • Buy a pedometer that can be worn all the time and diligently track your steps.
  • Walking or cycling to work, at least one way if the distance is manageable, is a great way to include exercise into your daily schedule.
  • Many workplaces these days have in-house gyms that can be used in case workplace is too far for walking or cycling.
  • If the gym atmosphere intimidates you, ditch it and take a walk during lunch time or after work hours. Stairclimbing is also an excellent way to lose weight.
  • To activate and strengthen your core, use a large, inflated stability ball instead of your office chair. Simply sit on the ball for 30 minutes twice a day.

Eat Right!

  • 1341447657-loosing-weight-at-workThere are many websites that help track daily food and calorie intake. Tracking calories everyday will make you more conscious of your eating.
  • Stock your desk with healthy snacks like almonds, lassi, fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars and so on.
  • Aim at eating five or six small meals instead of three heavy meals. This will help curb cravings and mindless eating in high-stress situations.
  • Packing lunch from home is the healthiest way to go, but if that is not an option, choose a healthy lunch item at your cafeteria while avoiding white carbs, fried foods and processed sweets. Try to include more vegetables and fruits in your meal.
  • It is best to have dinner before 9 pm. Most office-goers who work till late at night, get home hungry, binge and sleep immediately. This contributes to not just weight gain but dangerous abdominal fat.

Losing weight can be difficult to achieve if you spend 10 to 12 hours at work each day. However, with careful planning and determination it is possible to convert even your workplace into a fatburning destination.

– M. Shwetha Mabel

M. Shwetha Mabel is a Fitness Trainer, Instructor and Enthusiast from Hyderabad.

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