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The Father Seeks ‘True Worshipers’

The Father Seeks True Worshippers

In Revelation 4, the ‘prayers of saints’ are described as a sweet smelling incense of worship that continually rises before the throne of glory – and pleasing to Him! In John 4, while talking to the Samaritan woman on worship, Jesus said: “The Father seeks true worshippers who worship Him in spirit and truth”. True worshippers would indicate that in …

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The Lord is my Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd - Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd – Psalm 23 The Lord : All loving, all powerful, all knowing   –     He is My Shepherd The Insights of Sheep They are dumb silly creatures, and will easily go astray. They need to be led and cared for. They are very timid and can easily be frightened They will not lie down when they …

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Worship : Is Giving to God What is Worship? Defies adequate definition The meaning of the term ‘Worship’ like other great words, such as ‘grace’ and ‘love’ is like the perfume of a rose or the delightful flavour of honey. It can be more easily experienced then described. Some descriptions: “The overflow of a grateful heart, under a sense of …

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Women under Stress

Scripture Portion: Acts 16: 13-15 Topic: Women under Pressure and Stress 1. Introduction We often react to people, circumstances and experiences with anger, hurt and unforgiveness. 2. We Get What We Say I believe we get what we say because God honors His word and His word says that who so ever believe that those things which he saith shall …

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Light a Holy Fire in my Soul

It is not suprising that our generation is called the “broken-up people”. We have broken up homes, broken up churches, and a society that is fragmenting fast. Children, young people, marriages, even leaders are broken up and hurting. People are looking for lives which can have meaning and newness and purpose. Alas we are living in a world with upside …

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Blessing Your Neighborhood

Remember the Good Samaritan? He not only helped the wounded stranger, but showed continual concern towards him. Jesus longs to heal our hurting neighbors through us. If you are moving house, choose a house prayerfully. Take a prayer walk in your neighborhood. Pray that God would bless the people in each house; that God would place Christian neighbors  in some …

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