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Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)

“Facebook Addiction: 36.7 million users added a year. India poised to overtake US as Facebook’s No. 1 market.” Firstpost.com Addiction and obsession? The issue of privacy is as interesting as it is complex.With so much international violation and dialog about the bounds of privacy, it is a paradox that many of us share deep, personal thoughts on Facebook.However this is the …

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SMS Lingo

I remember the time when my friend sent an SMS to her boyfriend saying, “Hey, sorry for rplyn It. Wsbsy n cls. KOTC.Plz cl. M ttly dvtd2u. bye4nw.” I also remember seeing the look on her face when her boyfriend replied. “What?!” he’d asked. “I sent him a message of love and all he has to say is, “What?!”’ she …

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Deceptions of Sexting

“Sexting is using cell phones to take inappropriate sexual pictures and send them to others. The pornography industry traps young minds to create customers later in life for hardcore porn.” I came out of my counseling office to greet my fifth-grade patient who was seeing me for anger issues and found him playing a game called “Bubbles” on his mother’s …

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